The following are some of the most common download problems.

If Windows Defender is the default antivirus on your computer, you may run into problems during the installation process and while playing the game. To avoid this, please also read THIS GUIDE.

We recommend that you install an antivirus scanner instead of the default one. We use the Kaspersky Free antivirus and test the game with it before release. (We would also welcome feedback on other antivirus applications.)

When you download our client installer from our website, the Windows Smart Screen may display a "isn't commonly downloaded" warning message:

Click on the "More actions" button and select the "Keep" menu to keep the installation file. 

(Optionally, you can mark the file as safe by clicking on the "Report this file as safe" button. This will go a long way towards helping Microsoft remove the "not safe" flag from our application download. Thank you in advance =) )

Then click on the "Show More" button and select "Keep anyway".

You are then able to run the installer by clicking on the file.