As you probably already know, antivirus systems does not like obfuscated .exe files and make 'false positive' alerts.

Q: What obfuscated means?
A: It is the protection how we hide Dragona's source code from shady eyes.

Q: Why alerts some antivirus software?
A: Because it looks like something trying to hide it's real code pattern. In fact it looks like something really messed up.

Q: Could you turn it off?

A: No.

Q: Which antivirus is problematic?

A: Based on feedback: AVAST, ESET NOD32

Q: What can I do?

A: You have multiple options:

  • Entirely disable your AV software. This is not recommended because it makes your system vulnerable.
  • Add Dragona's folder to a feature called "whitelist". Most AV software has this feature. Be aware that some of them has multiple whitelists for multiple features so be sure you added game client to all.
  • Send a bugreport to your AV software support service, with Dragona.exe file.

Virustotal link for the latest Dragona.exe: LINK

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